Administration Team

Dr. Chung’s formal education is as an ob-gyn physician with more than 25 years of clinical practice as well as extensive experience in health care system administration. As executive director of National Association of Preferred Providers (NAPP) founded by Donald McCormick, Dr Chung expanded his experience of the distributive health care systems. He is also proud to have participated as member of TBT, a not-for-profit, religious order dedicated to works of mercy that take on the assignment to manage the contract between physicians group (IPAs) and HMOs. He joined MRSB as the medical team coordinator.

Under his leadership, he’s created one of the most fascinating and unique health care plan system throughout of the world. Dr. Chung’s extensive experience and his understanding of services and goods distribution throughout Latin America, North America, and world-wide, decided to found GREENLIFE INTERNATIONAL company. Dr. Chung has lived in many countries, has traveled the world, and is fluent in Spanish, Portuguese, French, Korean, and Japanese besides English.

Currently, GREENLIFE INTERNATIONAL is forming a network of associates throughout the world. GreenLife’s associates will have opportunity of distributing GLI’s exclusive and best quality of skincare, haircare, oralcare, nutritional supplements.

Joseph Woolsey
Vice President of Marketing

Joseph Woolsey is a nutritional researcher, formulator and educator as well as a successful marketer and networker. In 2002 he co-founded a nutraceutical company. Mr. Woolsey has presented nutritional training to health and nutrition professionals throughout North America and overseas. Mr. Woolsey created and presented Level 1 Continuing Education classes (CEU’s) on nutrition for MD’s, Nurses, Chiropractors, and other professional healthcare disciplines. Mr. Woolsey served as nutritional consultant to a foundation studying the efficacy of supplements with serious health issues which conducted over 2500 case studies. He also served two years on the faculty of international medical conference..

Mr. Woolsey has also been a successful marketer, serving as a Master Associate for a nutritional network marketing company as well as serving as president of a nutraceutical company. Mr. Woolsey is a dynamic presenter and leader.p>

Mr. Martín M. Fajardo
VP Marketing
(Latin American Market)

Born in Mexico City, Mexico
Mr. Fajardo showed excellent talent in few years becoming high ranked representative in several well-known MLM marketing companies. Mr. Fajardo’s very humble personality has helped many people be successful in that industry and showed deep leadership that many people still follow him. Over 10 years of experience in MLM, direct sale marketing, he decided to join in GREENLIFE INTERNATIONAL, marketing VP. Mr. Fajardo with his humble personality, still believes that many people can be successful and make their own story of success.

Óscar Rodríguez
Director of Advertisement

Mr. Oscar Rodriguez has 30 years of experience in the advertising industry.
He was regional director of Lintas Worldwide and Ogilvy & Mather Worldwide for Central and South American which managed airlines accounts as Taca International, Banks, Chevrolet, Nissan, Diamond, several telephone companies. He has also worked in California as companies like Univision-Fonovisa, Smedia International, Creative Director of infomercials of different products in Tekila Productions, Art Director of the newspaper Sports Today Los Angeles CA. He has won awards worldwide in Clio Awards, Adrian Awards Washnigton DC, as multiple awards for creative graphics in El Salvador and Central America, Jury in different categories of press and TV international Clio Awards in New York, Jury Coffee in El Salvador. He was graduated in Advertising and Journalism at the University Leonardo da Vince, and technical advertising in the IPM Institute of Advertising and Marketing, teaching in the field of advertising in the Catholic University of the Salvador UCA.

Currently Director of Advertisement of GLI in Dallas, Texas.

Miss Joanne Kang
National Director of Trainers GL Skin Care

Born in South Korea.
15 years of experience in Cosmetology and Skin Care.
She founded Eppo Eppo Skincare Institute in Dallas, Texas and director for 9 years.
4 years of experience in assistance of Medical Laser Therapy
applied in Skin Care.
Make-up artist and Stylist work for CF production, Seoul, Korea.
Now, she is National Director and Trainer for GREENLIFE skincare products.